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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Infinite Possibilities


As the days go on and I still hear no news from Egypt I begin to plan a different future.  It’s becoming rather exciting.  I’m a planner.  I plan everything in my life and I’ve always been very focused and driven.  The possibility of an open future was really frightening at first, and then I started to realize it’s like a blank journal, waiting for me to make my mark on it. 

There are several possibilities for the future:


This is a great site that gets you in contact with people who need “volunteer” workers.  Basically you get yourself to their place and they pay for your room and board.  There are many places around the world where I could utilize my long-lost equine skills. 


This blog has several great articles suggesting how to be a travel bum.  The one I like is getting a sailor’s license and crewing someone’s yacht across the ocean.  Then find another job in your new location and work from there.

3.  Foreign Service

I’m still waiting to hear if I passed the test (not likely) but if not I have a year to study and make new contacts and beef up my resume.  Whatever I do I can study for the test and take it next February.

4.  I received an excellent offer today: return with the next field school to Ecuador.  This offer is so great that it almost makes me sad that I can’t go, no matter how much I want to go to Egypt.  I loved Ecuador and the people of Agua Blanca and it would be amazing to be able to work in the community for months instead of weeks.  Our projects could actually have an impact and this time I would have time to learn Spanish. lol. 

Of course no matter what happens I will reconsider grad schools and apply to Egypt again as well as some others and hopefully start my Masters in fall 2011.  Unless AUC accepts me and I get to set sail for Africa in June!

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