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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wating Game

So I did submit my application to both the Arabic Language Institute summer session and the Masters program for fall....I submitted in January and wont find out the admission decision until at least March 15th for the ALI. Waiting is the toughest.
I started worrying that I have no contingency plan if i don't get accepted to the programs. After a week of mourning I'll need to do something, as much as I enjoy using my two bachelors degrees to serve coffee I think I want more in life lol. So...since I'm not a patient person I submitted my application to register for the Foreign Services Officer Test for the State Dept. It seems like a really great job, something that would be a good use of my skills and education. They accepted my application and I now registered to take the test- in two weeks. That's a very short time to prepare but since I'm a major procrastinator it might work out for the better for me anyway. I'm not really thinking I'll pass but it gives me something to do lol.
I also need to get started on my paper for the conference which is in a month. Its funny how with a lot of free time I do less than when I had no time at all.
Waiting.....waiting....keeping my sanity by learning things....
Oh! My Arabic is going great! Although my professor moved and I cant take classes here anymore, I found a great website: that has been a great learning tool. I was actually reading greetings and deciphering sentences. Not bad for 4 months of intermittent learning lol.

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