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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ima Own This

Had my first class, the class that "everyone" dreads: Classical Social Thought, i.e THEORY!!! dun dun dun.....
I actually seem to enjoy the foundations of different disciplines:  ballet, dressage, theory!
I think I would probably be more scared if I hadn't been so prepared.  Every theorist that is listed on the syllabus is familiar to me.  yay!
I'll probably freak out when I add my other classes to the mix and don't have time to expostulate on various social theories but as of right now, i'm heaving a sigh of relief.  My next class is going to stress me out because of transportation and I can barely understand the professor, I have no idea what the class entails.
Should be interesting.
My mantra for the semester:
This is the worst place to do it and I can't afford to get less than an A. goes.  This semester is mine!

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