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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer is Over

Summer officially ended.  Today is the first day of classes!  I'm excited, a little nervous, but I know I'm well prepared.
I had a fun week- got to go out a couple of times in Zamalek which included a rooftop bar over-looking the Nile. Amazing.  I think that's the neighborhood I want to move to.  It's full of trees and historic buildings and expats so it has a huge international community.  It's hard hanging out with only American students however, or people that are trying to create their homes in Cairo.  Maybe that's why there's so much anxiety in first years- you want Cairo to feel like home but it doesn't.  I'm here to experience something different so i'm trying to take everything as it comes.  It helps that other people are worried and I can put on a brave face to calm them down. Maybe I would be freaking out if everyone else were calm.
I've loved it so far.  yes, the bureaucracy of trying to finalize the financial aspect of school  is annoying but so far I haven't questioned my decision to come here.  I've also had 2 years of mental prep....
I love Arabic.  I'm in that frustrating stage where I remember some things but not enough for it to be useful.  It's fun listening to other people and trying to figure out what they're saying, though.  Arabic is so pretty, even the sounds are curved.
Off to the gym to start this semester with good habits.

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