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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cacophony of Sounds in the Night

30 January, 2011

Unrestful night.  Just as I was drifting off to sleep we would hear gunfire at the end of the street and possibly tanks driving by.  I can’t substantiate those claims as we still have very little access to reliable information.  Much of what we here is panicked conjecture. 

Went out again to try to buy more food.  Going to the stores seems to make everything more “real.”  There are tons of people, the aisles are full, the shelves are low on supplies, everyone is trying to stock up.  Many of the people are Egyptians.  That leads me to believe that we aren’t being dramatic by stocking up and going home.  Roommate’s sister says we’re still good to stay, despite some women saying they heard on the news that the US Embassy was telling Americans to leave.  I called the Embassy number but no one is picking up- I’m sure they’re getting a lot of calls.

It’s only a little past noon and shots are ringing again.  Yesterday they waited until dusk.  Are things getting better or worse?  It’s so hard being in an information blackout.  I wish our tv worked and we got an actual news channel as opposed to Al Jazeera which consists of various people calling in and demonstrating their support for the Egyptian people.  We’ve only heard one account of people in Tahrir- apparently the actual protesters are keeping things calm: praying, holding hands, quelling any raucous  behavior.  There’s also talk that the looters are actually plain clothes police.  Again, can’t substantiate.  Still fine with staying…


Voluntary evacuations taking place tomorrow morning.  I’m tired.

I made tuna noodle casserole and was instantly transported to home.  Some of the simplest and most delicious comfort food.


Took a walk around the neighborhood.  Gunshots are quite subdued compared to last night.  It was really nice to be able to tell the men “shukran” and get to see the extent of the community watch.  Almost every street is blocked and barricaded with groups of men standing near.  It was sweet that the son of one of our neighbors was trying to reassure me that they have everything taken care of.  There is no reason for me to be afraid because,

“they will kill the bad guys.”

I asked, “who will?  You will?”

He said, “Yes yes.”

I said, “Have you killed anyone?!”

He laughs and says, “no no!  I mean us men.” 

I wasn’t even afraid but it was so sweet of him to try to comfort me.

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