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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


1 February, 2011
It’s a little after midnight and things are already gearing up for what appears to be a day of chaos.  We were all ready to go to the million person protest tomorrow- on the periphery and possibly part of the foreigners show of solidarity.  However, less than a half an hour ago we got word that cell phones might be turned  off again tomorrow (today) in lieu of the large protest.  Then we heard a possible conspiracy theory that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to descend upon the protest with weapons and create a jihad.  We have no way to substantiate the report but that understandably dampened my fervor.  As of now, we’re undecided if we’re attending or not.

We decided to go.  The situation today was wonderful- we enjoyed being in the midan and seeing the [peaceful] determination of the protesters.  It makes leaving seem silly.  However, continuing pleas from family and friends leave me feeling almost guilty for not leaving.  It seems selfish to continue putting them through the worry.  But being here and talking with many Egyptians and other expats, it seems dramatic and almost cowardly to leave.  Too late to avoid today, at any rate. All we can do is wait.

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