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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day of Freedom?


The country holds its breath as we wait to hear if the rumors are true: Mubarak “will meet the protesters’ demands.”











Talking heads terming this a “fluid” situation….to say the least!  Rumors on top of rumors- he may not be leaving, he’s still in charge; he’ll be stepping down on tv; he’ll make a statement that will be a resignation; the army is now in control- what’s going on?! 

Ok, statement is supposedly live which means Mubarak is still in the city.  Oddly, this gives me hope because if he were going to announce “bad news'” he would probably not be within arm’s reach…

Hm, not so sure anymore.  I’m bad at estimating people, but there are probably over a million people in Tahrir at this moment.  The majority of the crowd believes Mubarak is leaving (according to news sources).  The mood is happy and ebullient.  Oh I hope, for Egypt, that this ends well…

Speech due to begin in a few minutes.  Still hearing that he is not stepping down, won’t know for sure until he speaks.  People are already celebrating- too soon?  Worried about the backlash from Tahrir if he stays…(probably on Egyptian time and will start a little late)

Al Jazeera says hundreds of thousands, not a million.  Still, the midan is so packed you can’t see ground.



Only 50 minutes late…

“your demands are lawful and legitimate”

“I will not run in the upcoming elections”- you already said that

“I will adhere to my promise to [run the country]”- uh oh. He’s not leaving

“peaceful transition of power from today to September”- and an outcry in Tahrir is heard…can’t tell if it’s joyful or indignant

constitutional amendments are forthcoming…mention of discontinuing emergency law “when things are stable”

“I was a youth just like you”

Crowds chanting “irhel” (I think) meaning go/leave- they are not convinced in the least

Crowd volume ramped up…people shaking their shoes at him. (pretty big insult over here)

state tv is not showing the reaction in Tahrir- I wouldn’t either.  I honestly hope Mubarak isn’t in Cairo at this moment.  People are extremely frustrated after camping in the midan for almost 3 weeks- it was like he didn't hear them at all.

disappointment. confusion. people getting ready for tomorrow.

Oh wait, encore by the vice: return to work, “Don’t listen to the satellite television stations, who’s main point is to spread sedition…”

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