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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 12


Tahrir has remained peaceful except for a few skirmishes with a small group of govt people.  The banks are opening tomorrow, people are going to try to go back to work.  However, many protesters are going to continue their vigil in the midan until Mubarak leaves.  It appears that he’s determined to stay even if the Egyptian stock market plunges and the tourism industry collapses.  It’s only 7 months- all he has to do is write amendments allowing Souliman to make changes to the constitution and leave. 

Here in the apartment it’s been a slow almost boring day.  I spend most of my time checking news sources and email.  Expecting the word on if the semester will begin soon or not tomorrow.  Waiting game.  Curfew has been cut so we have 2 extra hours to be outside! Very exciting…

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