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Friday, August 5, 2011

Home is Where....

     Upon moving to Egypt a year ago, in the midst of Ramadan, I was constantly told to "wait and see how fun Egypt is after Ramadan, because it sucks right now."  I really didn't notice much of a difference when September rolled around, but I figured it was the constant inundation of new stimuli that caused the failure to notice how fantastic everything became after Ramadan.  This year, I was wondering if the difference would be noticeable.  So far, it is...
     There is a holiday atmosphere and at night the streets are flooded with people, businesses are open later, and still, the twinkly lights make me smile.  I have totally transitioned to a night owl which is a complete transition from my days as a barista when work began at 5:30am :p  Now I go to sleep after 4 and I love it.  There's something magical about being out late at night and having so much to do besides go to a bar and stumble to Denny's (don't get me wrong, there were good nights in there, too, but it's fun to have a variety).
     Today was a physically trying day.  I felt pretty tired and run down, and slightly faint when sitting up.  However, since I didn't have anywhere to be or much to do, I spent the day reading and stuck to my fast.  I think I finally drank enough water last night because I noticed hunger more today than thirst.  Not sure which is better, lol.  I know it's only four days in, I just hope my optimism can carry me through the rest of the month.  I turned down offered food and alcohol without feeling upset about it.  I've gone dry for a period of time before, so that really doesn't bother me.  Also, I feel as I get older that it might be a good idea to look at the example my parents set and slow down quite a bit on the liquor.
     I'm getting close to completing my first year here in Cairo.  I know I'm still in the honeymoon phase, but I really hope my pyramid of illusions doesn't come crashing down anytime soon.  I'm really feeling like مصر is home and I love it.   Yes there are challenging days, but half of the reason I moved was to escape tedium.  I like hearing the bikya guy come down the street with his little donkey cart.  I like having the challenge of learning a difficult language (and constantly being teased for it).  I love the food and drink, I mean, fresh juice, feteer, tamayya, ful, shawerma, and ahwa, c'mon!  So far I'm thinkin, "choice well made."

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