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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Much too ful

This entry will be brief.
Made it through another day without "cheating" on the fast.
Went to the usual salsa club for a karaoke night.  The place was all decorated for Ramadan and looked so nice. There were some really good people singing which of course discouraged me from trying. Also, a lot of the songs were arabic, and I hesitated to ruin the flow of the evening by throwing in some random old-school country.  There were 2 salsa songs that I got to dance which made me feel better about missing last night.  However, dancing salsa is a challenge, especially when one is wearing cheap 50 le flip flops with crystalline flowers adorning them.  I did manage to keep them on my feet and ironically, it was my partner who had to stop the dance to tie his shoe :)
Sahoor was soooo  much food but sooo tasty.  Ful, bread, white cheese, tea, juice, water....I'm too full to lay here or think properly.  I really think my stomach is shrinking.  Makes you think about people who never get to have a huge meal, are always hungry, and never know when their next meal will come.  I want to find a way to help.  

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