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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadan- One Week Down!

Well, over a week actually, but I was lazy about posting.  I seem to have worked out a system where I feel more functional during the day which is great, but I also feel like I'm putting my life on hold until nightfall and when I don't go out it's a big letdown.  I know I have things I need to do during the day but thinking of a place to go and work is limiting.  Someone suggested I go to a cafe, order water, and not open it.  Probably going to do that tomorrow- I really need to get some work done and it's so hard to work at home.  I would go to campus but the bus schedule is ridiculous and I would be out there for far longer than I could stand.
So far I've quite enjoyed Ramadan.  There's still a fun social atmosphere and a feeling of solidarity with those fasting throughout the city.  I had one slip-up the other day when cooking risotto- I needed to test the rice and without thinking i put a grain in my mouth to taste.  I read that it's ok if accidents happen so I returned to fasting and didn't eat until after the prayer.  I also had a dream that day that I drank water and broke my fast and I felt so guilty.  It's pretty funny that I'm fasting in my dreams as well.
The last few days have been pretty nice.  I get to spend a lot of time thinking of what to cook and my culinary skills are getting a work out.  I definitely appreciate food more and look forward to sharing it with others.  I feel like I'm finding something that was missing from my life the last two years in the Springs.  The imagined community here is much larger and more encompassing than it felt in CO; running downtown or to Hussein to grab shisha and conversation is so readily available.  I'm going to get spoiled when everyone goes back to normal working schedules.  My appreciation for Egypt and my life here is growing so much and I am in such a great place right now :)

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