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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't believe it, I finally made it.  The flight was long but I passed the time talking to a nice Egyptian man who lives in Florida.  All of my aprehensions disapated... Almost the whole plane was full of other students for AUC and they were portraying the loud American pretty well.  I could tell they were undergrads, anyway ;)  A representative from AUC was waiting for us at the gate and herded us through everything, we didn't even have to go through customs which was nice. 
I'm all unpacked and ready for...bed? lunch?  My body is confused.  It's a cute little dorm room- I get a desk and a double dresser so there's room for plenty of my junk. I have a lovely view of a chain-link fence out of  my window.....we only have two people to a bathroom which is managable.  I think bed is a good bet for now and I'll figure out how to get food and water in the morning lol.

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