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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Night in the Country

Here it is, at last.  It feels like I was just on vacation and now I’m heading home…I guess I am. Not excited or nervous yet in the way of real heart palpitations- I think loading on the plane will bring it all home.  Had a last-minute shopping trip to get stuff for the plane.  We learned on our last trip to bring at least a change of shirt and underwear, toothbrush/toothpaste, tide pen, toilet paper (for Egypt), deodorant, and hair ties.  I charged my Nook and my laptop, charging my phone overnight….I think aside from hemming some pants I’m ready! 

I should really study some Arabic but I’m scared I’ll get arrested or something…just watched Rendition.  Good movie.  Had a lot to say about US foreign policy. 

No pearls of wisdom tonight.  Too much running through my head.  Worried about weather delays which could delay my airport pick up in Cairo.  Wondering how to change over some money that I left out…no way to deposit it now and I won’t get a very good exchange rate there.  Hoping I will love Egypt as much as I did the first time and not collapse into a sobbing heap in my dorm room.  There are those memories that we shroud in rose-colored glass and when exposed the reality is merely rusted.  Everyone has hardships in grad school.  I love Anthropology because it’s a challenging field and I want to push myself and see where my limits are.  I want to see new things and learn to understand someone else’s point of view.  This will be a good thing.

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