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Monday, August 16, 2010

T-minus 2 Days

So yesterday was kind of a bust.  It was supposed to be a last whole day with my parents but they were cranky and didn't want to do anything.  We went to best buy and Dad bought me a converter set which is awesome because it's really expensive.  Then we went home.  And sat there. And watched stuff on tv.  Then Dad and I yelled at each other for something ridiculous which caused him to go upstairs which caused me to cry while trying to teach my mother about the internet and skype.  After a few hours I talked them into going to Rico's and getting something to eat.  That went well...kinda.  Mom kept apologizing for them being boring and set in their ways.  That wasn't the issue- I just thought they could be boring and stick to their routine next week.  We still have Tuesday night, since tonight is pub quiz :)  Hopefully tues and wed morning will redeem us.   It's just frustrating because we're out of second chances.  Maybe we all put too many expectations on the day and the stress got to us....sigh.
Tonight I'll really be saying goodbye to most of my friends.  I think it'll really hit me then.  I cleaned mom's car to get it ready to give back to her, I need to put away all the junk I cleaned out...Then off to lunch, a cocktail, wine, and pub quiz.  Tomorrow is my last day to get everything ready and enjoy Colorado.  I know I'll probably be back at Christmas but that will be a visit.  I keep trying to tell people this is not temporary.  (unless I completely hate it which I doubt) I need to get outside and take a walk or something....I can play on my computer later.

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