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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I’m so excited! I just had my physical which is my final obstacle before school.  I’m sure my tests will come back just fine- looking at my arm I’m pretty sure I don’t have tuberculosis.  It’s getting really fun to tell people where I’m going.  Earlier in the year I was worried about sounding like a braggart but at this point I don’t care :) 

Money is always an issue and I just shelled out $380 for a physical.  Damn health care system.  I hope that it will work out, it usually does, I’m just a worrier. 

It’s easier to see the beauty of the Springs as I get to appreciate everything for the “last” time.  I don’t want to move back here and hopefully I won’t have to.   I love this city, i grew up here, but the political climate, geographical climate and the boredom factor are enough.  I’m ready for something else.  It’s been interested to recognize the way people talk about my move.  In a highly republican city most people can’t understand why in the world I would want to move to a predominantly Muslim country.  Well, I don’t understand why you would vote for Sarah Palin….  Most people ask how long I’ll be gone.  As if I’m being banished.  I hope to work in Egypt for my career so this is definitely a “move” and not a “visit.”  My parents can’t bring themselves to say I’m moving, they merely say I’m going to Egypt for school and I think they anticipate my return to CO when I graduate. 

I know it’s got to be hard for them:  My mother doesn’t know much about the Arab world and she tends to prefer the known to the unknown; My dad thinks all Muslims are terrorists and evil so he’s worried I’m placing myself in the jaws of the lion, as it were.  I really hope they come visit- but only if they have open minds.  As much as I would hope for my dad to learn to judge less, if he is determined to hate all he sees I’d rather he didn’t come at all and make Mom have a miserable visit.  I’m really excited for Mom to come, I think it would be so fun to do something, just the two of us.  Something life-changing…

One of my new Egyptian acquaintances asked me what I do in my life such as hobbies.  I laughed.  In two weeks everything will change.  I just can’t believe that I’m finally doing it.  When I was younger I wanted to travel but assumed I would probably only make it as far as Montana.  I never imagined I would actually be getting ready to move to Africa. Amazing how things turn out.

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