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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last Night

I had a great time with everyone my last night going out.  We played pub trivia which is always a good time and drank and just had fun.  I couldn't have asked for more. 
Today was a good day.  Despite the "slight" hangover I got a lot done and got to talk to people that mattered.  Spent some time on the phone with my siblings which was really nice :)  Had to say goodbye to my oldest friend which left us sobbing and laughing in the middle of downtown.  I know this isn't goodbye forever but it's always hard when change happens. 

I got to enjoy a lot of the Springs today, taking in the sights and really appreciating it. 
It was a nice city to grow up in and you can't beat the scenery.  I've done my time, though, and I'm ready for something new.  It still seems unreal....wherever I've been this has always been home.  I know I'll be back to visit, too, but I am moving away. If I keep thinking about it like that then I'll be better prepared.  I had a good time with my parents as well which makes me feel better.  Have to get up at 3am tomorrow...I may not sleep. 
Excited to see beautiful upstate New York and have a fun week of relaxation before everything changes.  Many more pics to come.

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