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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Weeks

So I had intended this to be more informative on the actual process of getting ready for and going to a grad school abroad.  So far it’s been slow and steady progress.  I knew a while back that I was going to need many more vaccinations so I hopped on the website and started getting poked.  Now I have the following vaccines:

tetanus- good for 10 years

yellow fever- 5 years

meningitis- good for life unless I come in contact with infected individuals

polio- good to go

Hep A and B- good to go after a series of 3 shots

typhoid- oral variety good for 5 years

I've also gotten an HIV, syphilis, and tuberculosis test – as required by school- and a physical.  I'm not sure about water quality in the dorms and haven’t been able to find information on that.  I’m sure they have some system set up.  Health wise I’m pretty sure I’m set…unless my tests turn up something bad.

I didn’t get my passport sent out in time to get a travel visa so I’ll have to deal with getting an entry visa ($15) when I get to the airport in Cairo.  I’m mostly nervous about getting around the airport….after I make it through there will be a person with a sign waiting to take me to school.  Thank god.

I can’t believe I only have two weeks.  I need to pack, clean, and finish shopping for clothes.  I need to get my phone unlocked for international use and find out about a charger or converter.  I need a lot of converters, actually.    Get my hair done because I don’t know how much it will cost over there or even how to find a place that I could explain what I want.  Need to get my mom’s car detailed before I give it back….

And say goodbyes. I’m not good at those….I don’t want to.

Said goodbye to Chelsea’s moms yesterday and I learned two valuable things: 1. Don’t give your passport to anyone and 2. Don’t marry an Egyptian.

Thanks, Giesela :)


Off to get some work done

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